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Lynch on the WRs in the draft: It’s incredibly deep. You can find a starter in the fifth-round.

Lynch also addressed the Tom Brady rumors, as well as the 49ers draft setup

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s John Lynch day, apparently. The San Francisco 49ers general manager appeared on The Rich Eisen Show Tuesday. You can re-watch the interview here that starts at the mark where there are an hour and ten minutes left. Lynch talked about his draft setup and made it clear that the Niners involve a lot of people in their draft and like to hear from all of the coaches and scouts. They will be in the “huddle room,” while the executives have a separate draft room that’s appropriately titled the “John McVay room.” Lynch said this would help make it as realistic as if the 49ers staff were holding the draft at their facility. Lynch added that whenever the draft is getting crazy, and you have people asking “what are we going to do, what are we going to do?” then both he and head coach Kyle Shanahan go to a different room that is adjacent to the draft room. So, three separate virtual draft rooms. Here is Lynch’s at home setup:

Lynch says he uses all of the different monitors for notes, other team needs, etc. He also said the mock draft simulation was a “preemptive site decorum show.”

Lynch, on the receiver class:

“It’s incredibly deep. This will be my fourth draft class, and it’s as good as a class, as I’ve seen. You may not have a Randy Moss, how often do you? What you do have, as Eric DeCosta said, and I believe to be true, you can find a starter in the fifth-round. You start watching, and a lot of positions dry really quick. We were 24 players in, and you’re still really enjoying the quality—the other thing I said at the combine. Pick your flavor. You want a big guy; there’s those guys. You want a short, quick guy. There’s those. You want a burner; there are those guys. It is a very strong class at wide receiver, and there is a ton of depth there.”

Lynch said he hadn’t gotten any specific calls for 31. He did say that trade talks tend to happen as the week progresses, and they start on Monday, making formal calls to friends around the league to let them know about their team’s situation. He also discussed having full confidence in Jimmy Garoppolo and told Jimmy G during the process that he didn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder. Lynch admitted that he and Kyle had discussions about Brady internally, but after a day or two, “We really like what we have in Jimmy and what he brings. He’s more of a long-term answer. The guy has done nothing but win since he’s got here. I think his best football is still ahead of him. We’re as committed to Jimmy as ever.” Lynch said Kyle challenged Jimmy this offseason with some areas he can improve on.

Back to the receivers. Lynch echoed his sentiments from Monday’s zoom call that if there isn’t a “foundational player” available at 13 overall or if they feel like there are several still available, the 49ers will look to move down. Smokescreen? I took it as transparency. I also don’t think there’s an issue with putting this information out there, knowing the 49ers are looking to add picks.