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Alabama’s WR Henry Ruggs says he’s heard “constantly” from the 49ers

Ruggs also said he’s heard the most from the Broncos and the Jets

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs was one of the first wide receivers the San Francisco 49ers met with during the draft process. Alabama’s Henry Ruggs says he’s heard “constantly” from the 49ers on Pro Football Talk’s PM show Tuesday. Because there are no in-person visits, teams are using the rules put in place to their advantage. Teams are permitted to contact players up to three times a week, and each conversation can last up to one hour at a time. It’s not really news if we hear the 49ers reach out to a specific prospect as there are no restrictions on how many players you can call. It is news whenever there have been multiple contacts.

Ruggs is known for his 4.27 40-yard dash time, but he is far from just a deep threat. Selecting him at 13 is a bit rich for my liking, but it’s easy to understand why teams fall in love with Ruggs. When you score 24 touchdowns on 98 receptions, that’ll do it. San Francisco will have to beat out the competition, though. Ruggs also mentioned Denver has been in contact, as well as the Raiders. Las Vegas picks in front of the 49ers, while the Broncos pick after them. There have been plenty of rumors about Denver moving up for receiver, and league spies say Ruggs is Elway’s coveted prospect, but you never know with how many rumors are flying around.

We’re getting closer.