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Schefter: Jeudy has a lingering knee issue

Schefter also referenced Jeudy’s draft stock and pick 13

Arkansas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On Tuesday, a few media members were discussing Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy’s knee injury that happened in 2018. One said, “Jeudy’s draft stock may drop due to reported knee issues that haven’t been disclosed yet.” Referring to a knee injury that happened in 2018. Because she was a member of the Eagles media, many believed it was a leak to get Jeudy to fall out of the top-20. Another reporter followed up with her tweet saying, “she’s telling the truth. Some teams have even taken him off their first-round board because of it.”

I’ve never heard of any team taking a player off their “first-round board,” so take that statement with a grain of salt. Jeudy’s injury isn’t news. He confirmed it himself. The injury was reported right away. After other media members were speculating, ESPN’s Adam Schefter addressed the question on Philly’s radio station 97.5, hosted by Marc Farzetta:

Schefter: I am aware of those kinds of issues, and there are various issues with various players. Look, ‘losing stock’ might be strong. Instead of 13, does he go 17? Maybe. But I think teams are going to like him or not like him, period. It’s a situation where I don’t think it’s going to have a dramatic effect on his stock. Now, all of a sudden, if we look up at the first round and he’s available at 27 or 28, then that might be a contributing factor, but he’s still a great receiver, and I don’t see it having a dramatic effect on his draft stock at all.

Farzetta: What is the knee issue?

Schefter: We’ll just say for now it’s a lingering knee issue.

Schefter mentioning “13” is noteworthy. He puts out the fire that Jeudy’s draft stock will bee affected by the knee injury he suffered two years ago. If Jeudy was playing on an injured knee last year, I can’t wait to see him a year removed from injury. If the 49ers trade down from 13 and still land Jeudy, I can’t think of a better outcome for San Francisco. Add picks and still land a top receiver in the draft.

As for the last line from Schefter, that came without any hesitation, which means teams will have to do some digging. Is this a knee injury that will prevent Jeudy from having a long career, or is it one of those injuries that you have to play through? We’ll find out on Thursday how the NFL feels about Jeudy and his “lingering knee issue.”