Final mock with 5 trades.

The Niners make a trade with the Broncos. They trade back 17 spots, from 13 to 15, and 31 to 46. They give up pick numbers 13 and 31, for the Bronco pick numbers 15, 46, 77 and 118. It adds up to within 3 points on the Trade Value Chart. The Niners add Marquise Goodwin to the deal, to facilitate it.The Niners save 3,7 mil in cap space.


The Niners trade back again.They trade back 5 spots from 15, to 20, and the Jags give up pick numbers 20 and 73 for pick 15.


The Niners Trade Tevin Coleman to the Bucs for a 4th round pick(117)


The Niners trade Ahkello Witherspoon and a 5th round pick(176) to the Falcons for their 4th round pick(119)


The Niners make 4 trades, move back 22 spots, and trade away Marquise Goodwin, Tevin Coleman and Ahkello Witherspoon, along with the 5th round pick 176. In return, the Niners end up with pick numbers 20, 46, 73, 77, 117, 118, 119, 156, 210, 217 and 245.


The Niners make one last trade. They trade pick numbers 117, 119, 210 and 217 to Chicago for pick number 50. It is a 4 for 1 deal so it does not add up, but the Bears need more picks.


The Niners finally end up with pick numbers 20, 46, 50, 73, 77, 118, 156 and 245.


Using the CBS Big Board, the Niners could select-

20- Denzel Mims WR

46- Ezra Cleveland OL

50- Bryce Hall CB

73- Chase Claypool WR/TE

77- Raekwon Davis DT

118- JR Reed S

156- AJ Dillon RB

245- Trevis Gipson DE

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