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Live updates from Day 3 of the draft: Any truth to the Trent Williams rumors?

The 49ers are back on the clock today

NFL: OCT 15 49ers at Redskins Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Day 3 of the draft is usually the craziest. The San Francisco 49ers have a history of making trades on the third day of the draft, and many believe we’ll see some today. Are there any players you’d like to see the team draft? I’m hoping Louisiana Tech’s L’Jarius Sneed is a Niner by the end of today. Sneed can play each position in the secondary and play them well.

On Friday, a report out of Washington from NBC Sports’ Julie Donaldson said that the 49ers are interested in acquiring left tackle Trent Williams. ESPN’s John Keim, who covers Washington, had this to say:

The San Francisco 49ers had expressed interest, but there was no deal imminent, and sources said plenty of work remains. The 49ers likely will wait to know whether starting left tackle Joe Staley is retiring before making a move. The 49ers also would have to create more salary-cap space. If the 49ers want to acquire Williams, they would likely have to offer picks in the 2021 draft because they only have picks in the last three rounds Saturday.

Keim also said Washington doesn’t feel they need to trade Williams this weekend if they don’t like the offers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if San Francisco has an interest in Williams, who was drafted by Washington in 2010. His head coach and offensive coordinator at the time? Mike and Kyle Shanahan. As Keim referenced, this is all contingent on Staley’s future. Because Joe hasn’t said anything publicly doesn’t mean he’s left the 49ers’ organization in the dark. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if John Lynch told Staley the team needs to “CYA” in the event of Staley retiring.

No matter what happens with Staley, he’s too loved within the organization for there to be fallout with Lynch, Shanahan, or Jed York. We’re talking about one of the most popular figures and revered 49ers of all-time. If Lynch is transparent with the media, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s even more open with his players, especially a Hall of Famer.

As for Staley, he can do whatever he wants. Staley has given this organization everything he has. If the long-time left tackle wants to retire, he’s earned it. If Staley wants to make one final run at a Super Bowl, let’s do it, Joe.