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49ers have $11.4 million in cap space after Compton and Benjamin deals

The team will need just over $8 million of that to sign their rookie class.

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns

OvertheCap finally has the newly signed Travis Benjamin and Tom Compton contracts listed on their websites. With those deals announced, the San Francisco 49ers have $11.4 million in cap space. Compton’s deal gives him a guarantee of $750,000 with a $2.15 million base salary. Compton has per-game bonuses worth up to $400,000 as part of his contract with a guaranteed salary of $550,000. Compton’s prorated bonus is $200,000.

Benjamin’s deal reads like a player that won’t be on the roster Week 1. He signed a one-year deal worth $1,050,000 with no guarantees, per-game bonuses, or any contract stipulations. I’ve seen fans on Twitter breakdown Benjamin games from three or four years ago. He’s not the same player anymore. Those were before injuries. I’d be surprised if Benjamin caught a pass from Jimmy Garoppolo during the regular season.

Over the cap calculated the 49ers rookie pool at $8.1 million. The 49ers will need to set that aside to ensure they can sign their rookie class. Only the top-51 contracts count against the salary cap in the offseason, so the 49ers two first-round draft picks will carry cap hits big enough to fall under the top-51, which should come in around $4.9 million. Once that happens, that’ll knock the two current lowest cap hits out of the top-51. Those contracts are DL Jullian Taylor and WR Richie James, who make around $770,000. I’d be curious to know how much picking at No. 31 and trading back is related to the Niners salary cap.

The 49ers still have Marquise Goodwin on the roster, cutting Goodwin post-June 1 will save the team $4.2 million in cap space. Extending George Kittle will create some flexibility as well. The 49ers can do that now without releasing Goodwin, but the deal would likely have to be backloaded for Kittle.