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You can only keep 3, 49ers’ uniform edition

With some teams around the NFL leaking their jerseys, let’s talk about the best 49ers jerseys

NFL: OCT 27 Panthers at 49ers Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have seen the Falcons, Jets, Bucs, and Rams reveal their new jerseys. What makes a good sports jersey is simplicity. That’s why the San Francisco 49ers jerseys are universally beloved. SB Nation tweeted what a perfect sports jersey looks like. The 49ers decision to go back to its original look and get rid of the darker reds or shadows behind the numbers.

In honor of 4/9, let’s talk about the best 49ers jerseys. They haven’t had many, and they haven’t needed many. The big meme going around during these quarantine times is, “you can only keep 3.”

We have the jerseys the 49ers have been wearing for a little over a decade. There are the all-black jerseys that it seems like fans either can’t get enough of or hate. Primetime is in slot number seven wearing the ‘94 throwbacks. The goat is in the second slot, and it’s worth pointing out that he has the gold-beige pants on.

Slot 1: Jimmy G in the current home jerseys

Slot 2: Jerry Rice in the darker shade of red

Slot 3: Jeff Garcia in the white jerseys with the darker shade of red

Slot 4: Captain James in the current road jerseys

Slot 5: Ricky Watters in the white pants with the 90s home jerseys

Slot 6: Uncle Rog in the dynasty home jerseys from the 80s

Slot 7: Deion Sanders in the ‘94 all-white throwbacks

Slot 8: NaVorro Bowman in the all-black jerseys

Slot 9: Steve Young in the red top and white pants in the Super Bowl

You can only keep three, which jerseys are you keeping?