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Javon Kinlaw is the Next DeForest Buckner, But He’s Even BIGGER

A Film Breakdown of Kinlaw’s pass rush moves and dominance in the run game

When DeForest Buckner was traded to the Colts, it was a massive blow to the 49ers’ defense and the entire team. Despite recuperating the 13th overall pick, the loss of a four year 49ers great felt irreparable. But then, the 49ers drafted South Carolina’s defensive tackle, Javon Kinlaw, who, in my opinion, could make the defense even better. Kinlaw is a massive individual, he weighs 320 pounds (Buckner weighs 290), but he is quick on his feet, has rapid footwork, speed, and agility, and has a bevy of pass rush moves he combines together. In 2019, he finished 7th in the nation with a 22% quarterback pressure rate, which is impressive for an interior lineman. The 49ers defensive line with Buckner was built through speed, Buckner and Armstead were usually the defensive tackles, but they are as light as you’d want from the position. Kinlaw provides the strength you want at DT and can give the 49ers’ defense something it didn’t have before. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Twitter @AlexRollinsNFL.