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Kittle, Jones, go in the first round of SB Nation’s 2017 NFL re-draft

As s part of SB Nation’s “What If” week, the NFL site managers are all participated in a do-over of the 2017 draft.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Last week SB Nation had “What if” week, where we discussed Super Bowl XLVII and the San Francisco 49ers 2019 season. Each team site manager also participated in a re-draft for 2017. Patrick Mahomes went first, which left me with an easy decision of Deshaun Watson. Kyle Shanahan hasn’t had a quarterback that can throw and run as Watson can. That was a fun hypothetical to think about for two minutes.

If you had to guess the third overall pick, you’d probably guess Myles Garrett, Christian McCaffrey, or one of the top defensive backs like Jamal Adams or Tre’Davious White. They all went picks No. 4-7. With the third overall pick? George Kittle. Here was the Bears explanation:

I went with Kittle, who is the best all around tight end in the game today, over other top prospects like Myles Garrett, Jamal Adams, Christian McCaffrey, and Tre’Davious White.

Out of that entire draft class there have only been six players named First Team All-Pro with multiple Pro Bowl appearances and Kittle is one of them. The others are Mahomes, Adams, T.J. Watt, Budda Baker, and Eddie Jackson.

Kittle is a game changer that not only has the most receiving yards of the entire class, but is also a devastating blocker. He’s a three down player that would help all aspects of the offense, plus he plays with an infectious Cero Miedo mindset and would give the Bears a star at a position they’ve struggled filling for a while now.

Everyone knows Kittle is a star, but it’s still amazing to see how high those that don’t focus on the 49ers think of him.

Speaking of surprises, Kittle wasn’t the only Day 3 pick to sneak into the first round. With the 26th overall pick, Seattle selected D.J. Jones. They didn’t write about it, but our pals over at Field Gulls saw first-hand how much of an impact Jones’ has as a player.

As for the other two teams in the NFC West, Arizona selected Alvin Kamara at No. 13, and the Rams were without a first-rounder as they traded their first-round pick the year prior to the Titans to move up for a quarterback. A move Los Angeles does not regret.