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Raheem Mostert has been adding muscle as he braces for a bigger role in 2020

Mostert also discussed Staley, McKinnon, and Breida

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers Raheem Mostert spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon. Mostert just found out he and his family are having their second child, so congrats to them. Mostert discussed the usual topics such as COVID-19 and the potential challenges that come with the global pandemic. Mostert also talked about adding weight and having an expanded role, plus much more.

Have you taken a moment to reflect on your season last year and what it meant to you?

I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect on what happened last year, specifically with me and all the types of situations an NNFLL player can go through and being on different teams and helping a team get to a Super Bowl. It’s been a blessing. My hunger right now is so pure. I want to get back to that level and exceed what I did last year, times ten. That’s my mindset right now.

On his training regimen

I go on runs typically, and I have an O-Line strip that I was fortunate enough to get from the coaching staff. They wanted me to work on my aiming points for the run game as well as working on running routes. I’m trying to elevate my game. I don’t want to be dimensional. I want to be multi-dimensional, and being able to catch the ball out of the backfield is something I want to pride myself on, even lining up in the slot. There’s multiple things I’ve been trying to work on. Trying to get back to my wide receiver days when I was playing receiver in college.

Is there anything you need to do or prepare to do if you’re going to get 200 or 250 carries?

I’m building myself up. I’m gaining more muscle, which is kind of bizarre. I haven’t been thinking about gaining muscle since I’ve already had muscle like that. Just trying to incorporate those things in my workouts, so I’m able to take those hits and be one of those guys that gets 200 carries. The only way I know how is to get bulky and stronger.

What are your reactions knowing you’re going to be running behind Trent Williams?

Trent is an unbelievable tackle and one of the most athletic guys I’ve seen on tape. I’m so excited and can’t wait to work with him and the entire O-Line because everyone else is athletic as well with McGlinchey, LT, and Wes. All of those guys are athletic in their own form. I’m definitely excited to work with Trent and can’t be more happy to get that ball rolling.

Can you share one of your favorite Joe Staley memories and what he meant to the team?

When I first got to the Niners after being cut by Chicago, I was just eating by myself in the cafeteria, not having much conversation with anyone. Joe took me under his wing, and I had conversations with him. Joe took me under his wing. I always sat down with him because I wanted to pick his brain as he was one of those guys that were a leader on the team so I asked him what does it take for me to be like a guy like Frank Gore and he told me, “Frankie G, he likes to work. If you want to be like somebody, you have to adapt to their attitude and their mentality. Frankie G works really hard. He’s one of the hardest workers I know.”

Looking back at it, when I was able to give him the ball on that touchdown against Seattle, he shared that moment with me. He epitomizes what it’s like being a Niner. The relentless effort, the great human being that he is. Everything. I can’t thank him enough.

On his relationship with Matt Breida

I was fortunate to watch him grow from being a young rookie to being a full-grown man in this league. I’m more so excited for him. I talked to him that day when it happened, and I was the first person he talked to, you know, being undrafted and working his way up the roster. He had the same qualities I had. He told me we’re still going to be talking to each other week in and week out, and I said: “you damn right we are.” He’s my brother, and I’m always going to look after my brother no matter what. Our bond is unbreakable, and that’s something that’s going to last a lifetime. I’m so excited for him, and I can’t wait for him.

On Jerick McKinnon’s progress and how excited you are to add him to your tailback room

I’m definitely excited. I’ve been keeping up with him even last year with helping him out throughout the season. Giving him pointers here and there. He’s always one to learn. That’s what I appreciate about him. He’s definitely more so the pass-catcher. He’s always trying to elevate his game. He’s helping me out, too, understanding more of the playbook. He’s had more time than I have, and also helping route-running wise. I’m just trying to pick his brain, and he’s trying to pick my brain with the run scheme. I can’t wait for him to show what everyone’s been doubting him on and missing out. I’m excited, man. It’s going to be a surprise for everyone.