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49ers earn top odds for potential Super Bowl 55 matchups

Oddsmakers like the chances of the Niners getting back to the big dance.

San Francisco 49ers fan Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Opening odds were released at for “exact matchups” in this season’s Super Bowl and of the three matchups at the top with 25/1 odds; the 49ers own one: a rematch with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In all three hypothetical matchups, the Chiefs are the only representative of the AFC. On the NFC side, it’s either the Niners, Saints, or Buccaneers.

Looking at the dozens of different potential pairings, it’s obvious that the oddsmakers think the NFC is much more wide open compared to the AFC. You actually have to go 18 spots down the list until you see an AFC opponent that isn’t the Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens. In that same stretch, you can count over nine teams for the NFC.

Here are the top-5 Super Bowl matchups for the Niners in regards to this year’s Super Bowl:

Could you all imagine this defense getting after Philip Rivers in the pocket? Holy smokes, would that be a fun show. Also, pretty big of the oddsmakers to think the Patriots even have that great of a chance to make the Super Bowl without Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

For what it’s worth, here are the top-10 overall Super Bowl matchups overall:

  • San Francisco 49er v. Kansas City Chiefs 25/1
  • New Orleans Saints v. Kansas City Chiefs - 25/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Kansas City Chiefs - 25/1
  • New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens - 30/1
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens - 30/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Baltimore Ravens - 30/1
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 33/1
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens - 40/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 40/1
  • Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 40/1

Like the Chiefs and Ravens, I feel like the Niners should have infiltrated the top-10 a bit more, especially over teams like the Eagles and the Cowboys.

What do you all think of these matchup odds? Are they fairly on the dot, or are some a bit outlandish?