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Open thread: What is your favorite NFL video game of all time?

It’s Video Game Week at SB Nation!

Video games and sports have seemed to be tied at the hip over the last 30 years. The gaming industry has grown so much that you can play professionally now and make some decent money doing so. I wish a Madden or NBA2K League was around when I spent countless hours playing on my Xbox growing up, but I am glad to see the younger generation have the opportunity.

With it being Video Game Week here at SB Nation, I thought we should share which NFL video game is your favorite of all time?

From the Madden series, to the dearly departed NFL2K, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

I loved the old school Tecmo Super Bowl, which was released back in 1991. This game started my 49ers fandom, so it will always have a special place in my heart.


Another game I enjoyed a lot is Madden 04, the version where former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick was legitimately unstoppable. I am one of those guys that will always use my team, no matter how bad they are (seriously, I used to play with the Tim Rattay led 49ers against my friends out of loyalty).

The Madden 04 Niners were an 86 overall, led by receiver Terrell Owens, running back Garrison Hearst and quarterback Jeff Garcia. The offensive line was stacked in this game, led by center Jeremy Newberry who was ranked 91, and left tackle Derek Deese, who was an 89. On the defensive side of the ball, the highest rated 49ers are: DT Bryant Young (96), OLB Julian Peterson (92!), and lineman Andre Carter (91).

Some of the Madden versions are better than others, but I definitely enjoyed the ones from the early part of the century more than the newer ones.

I wasn’t big on NFL Blitz, NFL Street, or NFL Fever, because I prefer the more traditional sports games, but let us know if you were a fan of any of those franchises.

What is your favorite NFL video game of all time? Is there a particular video game version of the 49ers you enjoyed using?

Sound off below!