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Which team would you like to see Kaepernick play for?

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

The NFL believes they have made amends after a public apology, but it took until Monday for commissioner Roger Goodell to say Colin Kaepernick’s name. Goodell did “encourage” a team to sign Kap, though. That led to the question, which team makes the most sense for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback? I’ve seen articles list teams with prominent starters, which doesn’t make sense to me. I understand it’s been a few seasons since Kap has thrown an NFL pass, but judging by some of the quarterbacks that threw a pass over the last two seasons, the bar isn’t too high in the NFL.

The teams listed in the article above include teams with starting quarterbacks who are black, which, come on. As I lay out which teams I think Kaepernick would be a good fit for, I want to be clear that he shouldn’t be handed a job because he took a knee or had previous success with the 49ers. He has to earn his spot. One team that makes a lot of sense? The Rams. Kaepernick would shine in Sean McVay’s play-action, rollout offense that stretches the field vertically. One, we don’t want that to happen. Two, it won’t because Les Snead, the Rams general manager, has put the team in salary cap hell.

Here are three teams that I think make sense.

The Steelers are the first organization that made sense to me. Mason Rudolph isn’t any good, and Big Ben is 38-years-old and has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career. Kap could come in when Big Ben inevitably goes down.

The Titans are the second team that makes the most sense. Ryan Tannehill’s regression feels inevitable. He also hasn’t started a full season since 2015. Kap could benefit from a heavy play-action passing scheme and flourish with his legs. Him, Derrick Henry, and A.J. Brown behind that offensive line make for a dangerous combo. The Titans would be wise to pursue Kaepernick.

Carolina makes sense. I don’t think Teddy Bridgewater is as good as most do. But the Panthers have a new head coach and just signed Philip Walker, who played for Matt Rhule. New England does not have a quarterback, and if they were willing to sign Tim Tebow...My answer is the Jaguars. They don’t have any expectations this year. Gardner Minshew was fine, but it’s not as if he was an early-round pick, and Jacksonville is heavily invested in him. Kap could come in during certain packages, and perhaps eventually beat out Minshew.

I’m keeping Colin out of the NFC. Where would you like to see him?