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Check out our new Shanashirts

Breaking T is back with a Kyle Shanahan t-shirt

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The San Francisco 49ers signed head coach Kyle Shanahan to a six-year extension that goes into effect immediately, keeping Kyle as the Niners head coach through 2025. Shanahan will make $9 million a year, which is tied for the fifth-highest in football.

A new deal means new merchandise. Breaking T has a Shanashirt(?) available for $28. Part of the proceeds will go to “Campaign Zero,” an American police reform campaign proposed by activists. Shanahan, as you can see below, is wearing hit patented Shanahat as well as a headset. It’s a nice, simple t-shirt that, if we’re allowed, I’m going to find a way to wear to a game this season.

Breaking T is always looking for feedback, so if you have an idea for a t-shirt or any 49ers apparel, leave it in the comments, and I’ll be sure to give them your thoughts!