Deebo says he'll be back in 10 weeks in and will be better than ever


Deebo Samuel took to twitter to say he'll return in 10 weeks. He also said, "We gone be straight" before this tweet. On Instagram, Samuel said, "we good, be back before season start no panic. All gods work." The general timetable for a Jones' fracture recovery is 6-8 weeks. There's generally about a month after surgery that will require Samuel to wear a boot as Jones' fractures have a high risk of re-injury relative to other fractures due to the limited blood flow. There have been a lot of Trent Taylor comparisons, and his situation was extreme. Taylor suffered infections and setbacks that caused him to miss the season. It'd be wise for the 49ers and Deebo to make sure Samuel is 100% recovered before stepping onto the field. Him playing in the playoffs is far more important than rushing Samuel back to play against the Eagles in a regular-season game.