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Jets reporter on trading for Adams: “Yeah, absolutely at minimum, a first-rounder”

ESPN’s Rich Cimini joined KNBR Friday morning to discuss a potential trade

NFL: New York Giants at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Either we’re super bored, or we are huge Jamal Adams fans. Friday’s trade proposal’s to get Adams to the San Francisco 49ers was one of the most viewed articles of 2020. Trades are always fun to discuss. As we mentioned, the 49ers are in a position where they are holding all of the cards. If the Jets don’t like John Lynch’s offer, Lynch doesn’t have to budge. He can hang up the phone, keep his high-quality safety, and continue to build a Super Bowl contender.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini has covered the Jets for as long as I can remember. He joined KNBR on the Murph and Mac show Friday morning to discuss the likelihood of Adams on the Niners:

“Yeah, absolutely at minimum, a first-rounder. They’d be insane to let him go for anything less. Supposedly, at the trading deadline, they were asked for a one and two twos from Dallas, which is an enormous ask, and they knew it at the time. It was one of those make-me-an-offer-I-can’t-refuse types of things.”

Lynch has no reason to make the Jets an offer they can’t refuse. San Francisco is more likely to keep an eye on the Adams situation from afar, and the longer New York holds onto him, the lower Adams’s value gets. Here’s more from Cimini:

“I think, realistically, you’re talking about a one and a three or a one and a four. The problem with his list is — you’re right, they’re all really good teams— they’re probably all going to be picking at the bottom of the first round. I mean, the 49ers, unless something crazy happens, they’re probably going to be down in the mid-to-low 20s, or even lower. To me, that’s not great value. You’re going to have a hard time finding a partner and finding equal value.

And let me add this: My sources tell me they’re not going to trade him. They’re intent on keeping him. That’s where the standoff comes in. He wants out, they don’t want to trade him, and hello controversy. I think it’s mostly about money, but I think the losing here in New York has worn on him. He’s 16-and-32 since coming to the Jets, and I think that has really taken a toll on his psyche. There were times after games last year where he just looked distraught and said, ‘I’m tired of this losing.’”

If it’s only about money, then the 49ers shouldn’t be interested. Adams wants to be the highest-paid Jet, but Cimini said he’s looking to reset the safety market. Enjoy paying a safety over $17 million while you give up a first-rounder, Dallas.