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49ers raise Black Lives Matter Flag at Levi’s Stadium

News - George Floyd Memorial Service - New York City Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers made a statement Monday as they raised a “Black Lives Matter” flag at Levi’s Stadium. On Monday, the 49ers held a live conversation involving Kate Scott, Katie Sowers, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Ryan O’Callaghan to discuss activism in sports and the game of football. Since then, the 49ers have changed their profile picture on both Twitter and Instagram to support the LGBTQ+.

A quick scroll through the comments, and you can see the train of thoughts of some fans. “I’ll unfollow you if you don’t change this profile picture,” or “Ugh, when will we remove politics from football.” It’s as if fans aren’t listening to the message and are willing to remain stuck in their ways.

I’ll be interested to see how more and more people react to the 49ers not only speaking out but making an actual change. Most people get upset at organizations for remaining silent. San Francisco didn’t but still received early backlash. You can’t please everyone, I suppose.