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49ers leaders believe their mentality will help them rebound from the Super Bowl

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Thursday night at the San Francisco 49ers state of the franchise event, Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, and Mike McGlinchey all spoke about the mentality the team must have to avoid the dreaded Super Bowl hangover. Fred Warner, Nick Bosa, and Trent Williams spoke as well. To a man, each of them pointed out how their mentality will help the Niners return to the big game and win it all this time.

Let’s start with the quarterback:

It all goes back to the mental side of it. If you have the mentality of not being satisfied — you got to the Super Bowl, didn’t win it, where do you go from here. It’s all a mentality.” Garoppolo said the way everyone on the team acts is “normal, not fake. It’s just cool, and it’s very unique,” and added that the team has a winning mentality.

Kittle said he agreed “100%” that the team’s mentality will help them rebound from the Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs: “We all have positive people in our locker room, and it elevates everybody playing on the football field.”

McGlinchey said another hangover is “not an option, because of who we are and the way we work.” The 49ers will go against all the odds if the team can hoist their sixth championship in franchise history. Only three teams have won it all after losing in the Super Bowl the previous season. It’s safe to say that nobody has experienced an offseason like 2020 where OTAs and minicamps didn’t take place. Will that benefit a close-knit group like San Francisco?

Williams had a strong point about where the roster sits as of today. The 49ers new left tackle said, “They don’t need me to win. They went to the biggest game in our league last year.” Warner and Bosa echoed similar statements about where the team’s focus is heading into the season. Warner said, “our focus is to make it back to the big game and winning it this time,” while Bosa said the team is itching to get back because “no ones really taken this long of a break before. The run we made was unbelievable, but obviously, one team ends the season happy, and obviously, we want some redemption. That’s where our focus is going to be.”