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What is your favorite football movie?

Remember The Titans Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images

Josh Cootner had a fantastic series last year about the best football movies of all-time. Josh’s list was:

No. 10: The Replacements

No. 9: All The Right Moves

No. 8: Any Given Sunday

No. 7: Rudy

No. 6: Jerry Maguire

No. 5: Friday Night Lights

No. 4: Brian’s Song (1971)

No. 3: The Longest Yard (1974)

No. 2: North Dallas Forty

No. 1: Remember the Titans

We’ve been quarantined for over three months without a hint of football. Surely you’ve seen a commercial or football movie during that time. Around the NFL draft, Draft Day with Kevin Costner pops up. I’ve seen Little Giants within the past year.

My favorite movie is No. 6 on Josh’s list. Nostalgia will play a part in most of your selections. I wanted to be a sports agent growing up once I saw the HBO sitcom Arliss, then Jerry Maguire came out, and all I wanted was to represent the Rod Tidwell’s of the world. Much like the movie, the agent world is a shady business that’s a dog eat dog lifestyle.

What is your favorite football movie, and what scene is your favorite?