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What is the strangest encounter you have ever had in meeting a fellow 49ers fan?

These stories should be fun

Alex Smith meets Gavin Newsom Photo by Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

One of the best parts about sports is that we all come together to root for one team no matter where we are located. This is especially true for the San Francisco 49ers and Niners Nation. From California to New Jersey to Europe and Australia, we are well-represented.

Despite all the changes in the past six months, I still believe there is no better community to discuss 49ers football than Niners Nation. At one point or another, we all either stumbled upon or were pointed in the direction of NN to talk Niners with other people equally as obsessed with the 49ers. San Francisco has fans all over the digital space, as well as the real world. The 49ers aren’t America’s team, but they should be.

What is the strangest place that you have ever met another 49ers fan?

There hasn’t been a Niners Nation meetup in some time, but I’ve been fortunate enough to run into a few readers in real life. Whether at a game, training camp, or randomly out and about. In the spirit of 49ers fans around the globe, what is the strangest place that you have ever met another 49ers fan? How did that meeting come about? Was it at a random place, and you were wearing 49ers gear? Did they have it on? How long did it take for you to talk about Jimmy Garoppolo?

Maybe not strange, but unexpected, I was at a couple of protests last week wearing a 49ers face cover in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. There are a few 49ers bars that are packed on Sundays for games, so it’s no real surprise when you see Niners fans out and about. The surprise did come at these protests, though. People see the mask and take time to talk to a stranger, me, and let out a “Go Niners!” or will give me a brief scouting report on the team or their expectations this upcoming season. This happened to me three times last week, and I enjoyed every second of it.

How about your story?