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Better Rivals podcast: Rewatching the 49ers-Jets 1998 season opener

David and Oscar continue their rewatch series with a game that features one of the most iconic runs in 49ers history.

San Francisco 49ers runningback Garrison Hearst (L Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, Rewatch Month rumbles along with a look back at the 1998 season opener against the New York Jets. How does this game hold up over 20 years later? How did Zack Bronson end up playing such a prominent role in the game’s outcome? And how did Garrison Hearst’s iconic 96-yard touchdown run in overtime come together? All that, plus star-studded lineups on both offenses, Steve Young’s performance, and random thoughts from the broadcast.