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Breida believes the Dolphins and 49ers backfields share similarities

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Before the NFL Draft, San Francisco 49ers Matt Breida said he thought he’d be on the Niners roster come Week 1. The team decided to trade Breida to the Dolphins after he fell out of favor due to fumbling. San Francisco also saved a few million in cap space by dealing Breida, who will have a great opportunity with his new team, the Miami Dolphins.

Breida spoke about his new team and compared Miami’s backfield to San Francisco’s:

“We’re all coming in there willing to compete, willing to make each other better. That’s one thing that I learned quick in these virtual meetings with these is guys is that they’re eager to get better. That’s kinda how we were last year in the running back room in San Francisco, and that’s gonna go a long way to help us get where we gotta get.”

Breida will be an easy player to root for. He’s a big-play waiting to happen and a fun football player to watch. He averaged 5.2 yards per touch last year. Even with the fumbles, I thought he was comfortably the second-best runner on the team. Both he and Raheem Mostert seemed to complement each other well. The 49ers seem confident in Jerick McKinnon’s health, and that was the final piece in the puzzle to dealing Breida. I don’t think anyone is rooting against Cheetah, though.