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Aiyuk tied for the sixth-highest rookie wide receiver rating on Madden

Arizona State v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Another year of football means another year of EA Sports Madden. The popular video game released the top rookie receiver ratings on Friday morning, and San Francisco 49ers first-round pick Brandon Aiyuk came in tied for sixth-best for all rookies. Here is a look at the ratings:

Aiyuk is tied for the fourth-fastest speed and has the third-best agility. All of these rankings seem relatively low, except for Ruggs’ speed. Apparently Ceedee Lamb has kicking experience? Are there any rankings on that list that you disagree with? Do people still play Madden? These ratings will be adjusted throughout the season, so hopefully Aiyuk is near the top come mid-season.

I heard a hot take recently and, based on fit and an injury to Deebo Samuel that leaves his status in question, that has me coming around on this take. A friend told me he thinks Aiyuk outperforms Deebo’s rookie year. I’d love to hear your thoughts and reasoning on whether or not Aiyuk could reach 900 yards in 2020.