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Which non-QB from any other NFL team would you want on the 49ers?

There are so many options available that would put the Niners over the top.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you could pick any player in the NFL who is not a quarterback to join the San Francisco 49ers for the 2020 season, who would it be?

With so many great options, this is such a tough question to answer. The folks at 49ers Web Zone had a roundtable discussion, and this is how their answers broke down:

New England Patriots’ cornerback Stephon Gilmore received four votes.

Los Angeles Rams’ defensive lineman Aaron Donald received three votes.

Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver Julio Jones received two votes.

Carolina Panthers’ running back Christian McCaffrey, and Arizona Cardinals’ receiver DeAndre Hopkins each received one.

For me, if it comes down to winning a Super Bowl next season, I would go with Jones. He’s arguably the best receiver in the game. His familiarity with head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense makes the perfect fit for a 49ers offense that would be put over-the-top with a player of his abilities.

Jones put up career-highs in receptions (136) and receiving yards (1,871) when Shanahan took over as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator in 2015. Add him to Deebo Samuel, and San Francisco’s passing game would be hard to stop with QB Jimmy Garoppolo having two great weapons at his disposal.

All of the players mentioned are definitely worthy candidates. Having Gilmore alongside Richard Sherman in the secondary would make life extremely difficult on opposing quarterbacks, who will be chased around by the Niners’ deep defensive line. Donald might be the best player of the bunch in terms of impact, but with Nick Bosa, and Arik Armstead leading the way, he would be more of a luxury than a necessity.

Which non-QB would you want to have on the 49ers?