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SB Nation reacts: 49ers-Seahawks voted as the fourth-best rivalry in the NFL

Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

This week’s poll question asked fans around the NFL to vote on the biggest rivalries in the NFL. The five options we were given were the Chiefs/Broncos, 49ers/Seahawks, Cowboys/Eagles, Bears/Packers, and Ravens/Steelers. Depending on which team/division you watch the most, that’s probably who you voted for. The Bears/Packers edged out the Ravens/Steelers for first place. Recency bias usually takes over in these polls, so I’m a little surprised there as Mitch Trubisky has given us nothing to cheer for when he’s been on TV. Without looking at the scores, the recent Chicago vs. Green Bay games has been lackluster.

Here is the poll:

I would have guess Dallas vs. Philadelphia to be a bit higher since those are two of the most popular teams in the NFL. Ravens and Steelers have given us some quality games recently, so I don’t fault fans for picking those two teams.

The 49ers/Seahawks lost some of their excitement before last season as the Niners struggled post-Harbaugh.

This next question threw me off as I a quarter of fans who voted believe New England is their teams rival:

You have to beat the team a couple of times for you two to be considered a rivalry.

Do you think the 49ers will develop a different rivalry this decade?