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49ers reportedly made an offer for Jamal Adams

The Cowboys did, too.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks traded an arm and a leg for superstar safety Jamal Adams on Saturday, but they weren’t the only contenders that were after Adams’ services. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said that the other two teams that were involved were the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. I heard the Niners made an offer early on, but I’m not sure how significant of an offer that was. I’ve seen a few other people on Twitter said San Francisco offered next year’s first-rounder, plus a few Day 3 picks, which sounds about right.

Would you have traded for Jamal Adams if it meant giving up a first and fourth-round pick for next year? That means San Francisco would only have a second-rounder after dealing their third and fifth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft for Trent Williams. You give up a lot of draft capital, but you also aren’t going to find a player that talented in the NFL Draft. On the flip side, money and rookie contracts play a part in these decisions as well.


Would you trade Adams for a 2021 1st/3rd round pick

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    Yes, and then extend him
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I’ve seen a lot of people downplaying Adams. There is no way around calling Adams a great player. He will undoubtedly make life tougher on the 49ers when the two teams play. I still believe the Jets made out with the better deal. We often overrate non-QBs and New York got three good years out of a first-round draft pick and flipped him for two first-round picks. From a business standpoint, they won.

That doesn’t mean we have to act like Adams is this slouch that won’t make plays. He will. Can he block? No. Rush the passer? Yes, but not every down. The Adams deal feels like a situation where both things can be true. Seattle got a great player, but gave up way too much for him. Something tells me Kyle Shanahan will stay away from No. 33 when he’s underneath in coverage next year.