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Lynch on Samuel: It’s fair to say he might miss some games at the beginning of the year

Lynch also spoke about Mostert, Kittle, Adams, and his extension

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers GM was on KNBR Tuesday morning to discuss a few important topics heading into training camp. Lynch spoke about everything from Deebo Samuel’s return to Jamal Adams. As far as Deebo goes, Lynch would not put a timeline on his return from a broken foot. Lynch said it’s fair to say he might miss some games at the beginning of the year.” That doesn’t sound good, but it also sounds like Lynch isn’t going to put out a timeline and rush Samuel back, so that’s wise. The initial reports said that Samuel could be out until late September or early October, which would be about three or four games.

Lynch was also asked whether or not he was upset that Kyle Shanahan received an extension before he did. Lynch said that Jed York told him this offseason the team plans to take care of him, and “I can tell you I think there is some good news around the corner. I’m loving what we’re doing and building.” Lynch mentioned how he came in on a “better price” because he was from the media. He also said, “I wish general managers were paid as well as head coaches because they’re doing well right now.” Lynch also dropped an interesting line. He said, “I don’t know if this is something that I’ll be a lifer at.” Could that mean a promotion for Adam Peters is coming to general manager, and Lynch assumes another role? We’ll see.

Lynch didn’t back down from the Jamal Adams talk, either. He admitted that the 49ers were interested and said that he and Kyle Shanahan had talked about Adams. He said the personnel team always has talked about players. Lynch eventually said, “it just wasn’t a reality for us” when it came to acquiring Adams.

As for Raheem Mostert’s trade demand, Lynch said, “my reaction is what the heck are you doing? Come on now. I was not happy. Now, I love Raheem, and I love his family. The good news is he’s all taken care of, he’s happy, and we look forward to seeing him soon.”

Finally, George Kittle. Lynch said that there had been good communication with Kittle’s agent, and Kittle plans on reporting to camp on time. Lynch said, “it would be silly not to figure that out, and we’ll do our best to do just that.” He said the team would try “really hard” to get a deal done, “I can tell you we’re working in earnest because it’s very important to us.” Lynch said he knew it would be tricky to find the right number with the position Kittle plays, but that people should be encouraged because the Niners have had “tremendous talks” with his representative, and we work real well together.