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Report: NFLPA requests that there are no 11-on-11 activities during practice

San Francisco 49ers Practice Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As the NFL and NFLPA work through the best and most practical ways for players to avoid catching COVID-19. Pro Football Talk reported that the NFLPA wants to limit activities that increase the risk of coronavirus transmission during the 2020 season, which includes, but is not limited to, a request that there be no 11-on-11 activities during practice.

The union also wants limited practices and group activities in the days leading up to travel and games, with restrictions applying as of Thursday of a given week to permit accurate testing and limit transmission of the virus. We know football is a contact sport, and there are certain risks that are unavoidable by playing this violent sport in the middle of a pandemic. The NFLPA’s goal is to find as many ways to minimize the risks during practices. Pro Football Talk said the hope is to “allow players to be prepared without putting them in a position that involves close proximity and exposure to respiratory droplets, sweat, saliva, blood, etc.” Good. Luck.

The first few weeks of the season could be sloppy if teams aren’t allowed to practice the plays they’ll be running as a team, especially on offense. The bizarre offseason continues, and I’m sure we’re nowhere near the end of these proposals that seem to be doing any and everything to avoid postponing the start of the season.