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49ers offering season ticket holders a full refund for the upcoming season

The other option is a credit toward the 2021 season

San Francisco 49ers’ Fans Watch Their Team’s Super Bowl LIV Match Up Against The Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Philip Pacheco/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers announced they are offering season ticket holders a full refund for the 2020 season. If you want, you have the option to use that credit toward the 2021 season:

Tickets will be made available on a game-by-game basis at the season ticket rate in the event there is limited capacity at Levi’s Stadium. Earlier on Wednesday, the Ravens announced they would be deferring season tickets to 2021. At Baltimore’s Stadium, they announced there would be a reduced seating capacity in place. Fewer than 14,000 seats per game.

The 49ers haven’t said anything yet about attendance, but I imagine an announcement is coming sooner rather than later so fans know what they can expect before making a decision on getting a refund or using the tickets already bought and crediting them to next season. COVID-19 continues to impact football. Training camp starts in 20 days, and there are still more questions than answers in regards to player safety.