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McGlinchey believes versatility will be key for the 49ers offensive line this season

The 49ers right tackle also noted that Daniel Brunskill and Tom Compton are rotating at right guard with the starters

Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers right tackle Mike McGlinchey spoke about the value of versatility along the team’s offensive line this season. Without an offseason to get used to playing next to a new starting right guard, McGlinchey admitted there had been more challenges this offseason. Here is what McGlinchey said on versatility:

Versatility is going to be absolutely huge. It’s going to make or break guys having jobs and make or break situations to fill our roster. We can get into any situation at any point this year, where we’re not just looking for injury, but we’re looking for what we can’t defend at times. To be able to have the ability to play guys at different positions at different times will allow us to move as smoothly as operationally possible.

Who is starting next to you at right guard, and what have been your early impressions on Compton and Colton McKivitz?

It’s been Daniel Brunskill and Tom Compton rotating.

Both are extremely great guys. Great to have in our room, and they were great additions to the culture that we have. They’re really a lot of fun to be around. Going back to that point, both are very, very, versatile football players. They played a lot of football. Colton in college, Tom in the NFL, and at a lot of different spots and in a lot of different schemes. Tom played for a long time in Kyle’s system in Washington, too. It’s two guys that are going to come in and compete really hard for us. Not just at the one position, but, like Cam said, at a bunch of them.

Obviously, the other newcomer, if you can call him a newcomer, is Trent [Williams], and he’s been an unbelievable guy to work with over the last two weeks or so. Even in walkthrough, you still get a little jaw drop by how smooth and how much of an athlete he truly is at his size. It’s going to be cool to pick his brain over the next couple of weeks here going through training camp once live bullets fly and seeing him back in action.

What areas were your focus this offseason to improve as a player/emerge on the Top-100 list

For me, it’s doing what I did the whole back half of the season and doing it better and much more consistently. The four weeks that I had off in the middle of the season really allowed me to focus on myself and how I was moving and how I was studying the game and the nuances on our offense and how to apply them to what we do.

For me, the player that I was in the back half of the season was a completely different one than the one that started it. The whole goal for me is to continue to build on that and build on the success that I had, both run and pass, and overall consistency and domination of the blocks that I had.

McGlinchey said he stayed in the Bay Area this offseason with the training staff, and they got back to the basics in his training, which will allow him to become “a much more functional athlete and a stronger football player.”

McGlinchey was able to be around the team facilities due to the platelet-rich plasma, also known as a PRP injection in his knee. McGlinchey had the same injection last year and called it offseason maintenance for his knee.