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Check out these official New Era 49ers face coverings

These are the official New Era face coverings for the 49ers and they are much nicer than the last set of face coverings to come out.

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The new reality of our society is the ever-pressing need for face masks to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic. If you end up needing to go a place where a mask is required, then you might as go for some style with a San Francisco 49ers branded face covering.

These 49ers face coverings from New Era are better than the ones we released in July. They’re thicker, don’t slide off, and are less irritable. I’m not sure if you have had the same issues, but some masks I wear have caused my face to break out. I’ve worn this fabric quite a bit and haven’t had any issues. If you don’t have a mask, in most places, you aren’t allowed in. If you have to wear a mask, why not represent your team?

Every time I walk in the grocery store with this mask on, there is one specific guy that yells, “Hey, go Niners! Are you ready for Week 1? We’re gonna beat down the Cards!” Every. Time. It’s clockwork. It’s also hilarious.

Check out the face-covering below.