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Gold Standard: Who is to blame for the George Kittle situation?

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Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Another week has gone by, and there’s another report from Mike Silver of NFL Network about the George Kittle contract negotiations, this one complete with an inchworm emoji to characterize the pace of the discussions.

In the first episode of the Gold Standard podcast, Rob “Stats” Guerrera and Levin Black debate who is to blame for the lack of a deal, and whether the fans will start to turn on Kittle if a deal isn’t signed in the near future.

Also, at an event honoring the late Dwight Clark, Steve Young said this season would prove whether the 49ers have staying power as a contender in the NFC because they’ll get everybody’s best shot next season. How prepared is this team to be the hunted rather than the hunter this year, and what impact will COVID-19 have on those preparations?

Plus, the love for Javon Kinlaw has already started coming in from multiple defensive teammates. How much can we buy into what was said? We heard a lot of the same praise for Nick Bosa, and that turned out pretty good, right?

2:57 - Are the 49ers to blame for not getting a deal done with Kittle?

11:53 - Why the 49ers are built to handle COVID better than other teams

14:34 - Is this the year Jerrick McKinnon finally fulfills all the potential the team thinks he has?

18:47 - Levin slows down the Javon Kinlaw hype train

26:56 - With college football’s future uncertain, could the 49ers be more aggressive trading away draft picks during the year?


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