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Kittle and the 49ers are making “healthy progress” towards an extension

There have been plenty of rumors today regarding Kittle’s contract

NFL: JAN 11 NFC Divisional Playoff - Vikings at 49ers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just another day in 49ers’ Twitter, right?

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Cohn wrote that the San Francisco 49ers will announce George Kittle’s extension Friday. Cohn had these details on Kittle’s contract:

According to the source, it will be a six-year extension worth $94.8 million — or $15.8 million per season. Of that money, the 49ers guaranteed 50 percent of it, or $47.4 million. Kittle also will receive a $25 million signing bonus, and the 49ers will structure his deal in such a way that he will cost them only $10 million of their salary cap space in 2021.

Meaning Kittle technically would earn less money annually than Arik Armstead and Dee Ford, who earn $17 million and $17.1 million per season, respectively. But Kittle would receive more guaranteed money than any player on the 49ers except for Jimmy Garoppolo, who received $48.7 million fully guaranteed from the 49ers in 2017.

Kittle, his wife, and his wife’s mom all had something to say in response to Grant’s info:

NFL Network’s Mike Silver said that both sides are making progress:

Matt Maiocco doubled down Wednesday afternoon with sources of his own saying the two sides appear to be making “healthier progress” towards a deal.

Cohn still could be right, and I wouldn’t rule that out. A deal isn’t done yet, but based on Silver and Maiocco’s reports, it appears that a deal could be done sooner than later.