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Injury updates: Shanahan fears Hurd tore his ACL; K’Waun Williams waiting on an MRI

Shanahan provided updates for Jordan Reed and Arik Armstead, too

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan wears his personality on his sleeve, and you could tell he was a little down today after Jalen Hurd’s injury. The 49ers head coach said he’d be surprised if Jalen Hurd’s injury wasn’t an ACL tear. He expects Hurd to be back in 2021. I asked Shanahan how the receiver rotation has gone early on in practice with Deebo Samuel out, and his response started with, “well, when lose three receivers before you even start to practice.” That was telling.

Shanahan said that he wouldn’t know the rotation at receiver even with Deebo healthy, suggesting that it’ll work itself out as practice goes along.

K’Waun Williams is awaiting the results back from an MRI. The initial thinking is that the injury is muscular (his calf) and not joint-related. If you watched the 49ers defense last year, you wouldn’t last long without Williams making a play. If he has to miss time, that’d be a significant blow to the 49ers pass and run defense. We’ll update Williams’s status when there is more information.

Arik Armstead, like Williams, is considered day-to-day. Shanahan expects Armstead to be back around Thursday’s practice. He was doing work on the side of Monday’s practice.

As for newly signed Jordan Reed, he continues to be eased in. Reed will continue to work on the side for the rest of this week. Shanahan said the hope is for Reed to compete against live defenses next week, and not just in 1-on-1’s.