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Could Brandon Aiyuk already be better than Deebo Samuel?

Gold Standard Podcast host Levin Black sure thinks so

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

After multiple practices together, members of the 49ers organization have had nothing but good things to say about wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. Everyone from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kyle Shanahan to George Kittle has praised his speed, route running, and knowledge of the system at this point in camp.

The reviews have been so great that Gold Standard Podcast host Levin Black thinks Aiyuk could already be the best wide receiver on the 49ers roster, despite never having played a snap in the NFL.

“Aiyuk has a higher ceiling,” Black said in the latest episode, “He’s somebody that can do it all. He was incredibly elusive in college. He averaged 10.6 yards after the catch his last year at Arizona State in a pro style offense. And on top of that, you’ve got somebody that has the speed to take the top off the defense.”

Elite speed or not, Deebo Samuel averaged more than 14 yards per touch last season (including playoffs), and showed a versatility that made him incredibly effective from a variety of positions last year.

Click play above to hear the rest of Levin’s explanation (and my reaction to it) on the latest episode of the Gold Standard Podcast - available now.