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Golden Nuggets: Has Moseley done enough to be named the starter?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, August 15, 2020

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San Francisco 49ers Practice Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers return to the practice field Tuesday, so we’ll have updates from practice as well as quotes from Kyle Shanahan and a few players.

Why the 49ers are disrespecting Emmanuel Moseley by not naming him a starting cornerback

He finished the season giving up catches on only 60 percent of his targets and gave up a passer rating of 80.2 to opposing quarterbacks. He also intercepted two passes — including one in the NFC Championship game — matching his total touchdowns given up as well.

Per Football Outsiders’ success rate — which takes into account down, distance and situation, Moseley was a Top-20 cornerback this past season, yet still hasn’t earned the starting job. He had success on 62 percent of his plays, which was actually nine percent higher than Richard Sherman this past season.

At this point, it feels like the 49ers won’t admit their mistake of drafting Witherspoon and signing Verrett and are trying to force a square peg into a round hole. When the coaching staff is heavily involved in the scouting of players, there’s more politics involved when it comes to awarding the most qualified player with the starting job.

49ers rookie Jauan Jennings may have the best YouTube highlight video Adam Peters has ever seen

“He’s a really interesting guy, Jauan Jennings,” Adams told Keiana Martin during the 49ers Live Look-In on Sunday. “I joke around; I’m smiling because we had this video that we passed around, all the coaches. We even sent it to Jed (York). It’s called ‘The Dawg.’ You guys should check it out on YouTube.

“But it’s Jauan Jennings, nicknamed ‘The Dawg,’ and it might have been the best highlight video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. He’s a seventh-rounder, and he’s definitely more talented than a seventh-rounder.

“But the thing about Jauan that you see, not only is he really talented, but he loves football. He loves playing. And that comes out on the film, and that comes out when you talk football with him, so we’re really excited that we got him too.”

Rice says 49ers should evaluate Earl Thomas with caution

Former 49er and Hall of Fame wideout Jerry Rice joined 95.7 The Game on Monday morning, and said if the 49ers want to look into Thomas, they should do so carefully.

“You’ve got to be very smart here because if a team like the Ravens let you go, it’s really making a statement where this guy — where his head is at right now. “I really don’t know him. I don’t know him at all. But for them to make a drastic move like that, I think it’s sending a message throughout the league that this guy, he has some problems.”

49ers’ George Kittle reveals why playing with Trent Williams is ‘cool’

“I don’t have to play very well and when we play next to each other, it’s still going to look really good,” Kittle told Rich Eisen on “The Rich Eisen Show.” “You’ll work on your double teams, doubling the defensive end up to a linebacker, I don’t know if he needs me to block both of them, that’s what’s so cool. I feel like I’m just the icing on top when it comes to any time I block with him.

“He makes my job easy, and he’s incredibly fast. He’s just fun to be in a huddle with too, I just appreciate his knowledge and just how much the game means to him. You can just see it every time he steps on the field. He’s done great in our locker room, and I think it’s going to be really fun to play with him all year.”

How Javon Kinlaw, JaMycal Hasty and the entire 49ers rookie class has fared

WR Jauan Jennings (7th)

Barrows: He may not be as playbook-sound as Aiyuk — Nick Mullens threw an interception on what appeared to be a miscommunication with Jennings — but the quarterbacks aren’t afraid to go to Jennings over the middle. He’s caught a lot of passes for a seventh-round pick, which likely is due to the lack of bodies at the position and because Jennings is a big target. With Jalen Hurd out for 2020, the 49ers could use Jennings as a “big slot” and wear down smaller defenses.

Lombardi: You hit the nail on the head regarding Jennings’ big slot role. Kyle Shanahan recently confirmed the similarities between him and Hurd: “I think Jauan is a decent comparison. He is big and he definitely has the mentality.” The 49ers aren’t tackling to the ground in camp, so we haven’t seen Jennings’ strongest suit, which is his physicality with the ball. Preseason could’ve been a fun showcase for Jennings, just as it was for Hurd last season. But Jennings should have a chance to make up for that and truck smaller defensive backs in the regular season, especially given the 49ers’ injury issues at wideout.