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Shanaplan Podcast: Training Camp Winners & Losers

Kyle and Akash break down the good and bad so far this preseason

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

In the second episode of the podcast, Kyle Posey and Akash Anavarathn pick the players that have stood out for both the right and the wrong reasons so far this season. Kyle says one player has looked better than anyone: Trent Williams.

“I would make a strong argument that he is the best player on the team...In these one on ones, and even in team drills, Bosa is giving him everything he has. He’s trying to beat him in every which direction and it’s just not working. It’s really amazing to see. Bosa can get underneath most guys and just bullrush them back. He tries to do that to Trent Williams and Trent just doesn’t budge, man. You just don’t see that.”

The guys also update the big injuries thus far in camp, and Akash explains how the 49ers got creative with the salary cap hits in George Kittle’s big, new contract.