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Practice tweets: Jimmy G turns it over three times; Deebo looks like he’s getting closer

A recap of what happened at Wednesday’s practice

SFChronicle49erFootball Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

According to the reporters who were on-hand for Wednesday’s practice, it was another turnover-fest for the offense:

Tipped passes go back to Jimmy Garoppolo working his eyes. Feel free to overreact, but there have been multiple turnovers every day. This isn’t anything new. The defense has shown they’re easily ahead of the offense, which is generally the case in training camp. By now, they know what plays are coming, especially Richard Sherman. That was the third interception returned for a touchdown in less than a week for Sherm.

I think acknowledging the defense and it being practice can be true while talking about the same issues that showed up last year and seemingly are still there in practice. Garoppolo needs to improve his timing and to move the defense with his eyes. If you’re late on throws or are staring down wideouts, elite defenses like San Francisco’s will make you pay.

Also, this is who Jimmy is. His mentality is that of a gunslinger, and he’s going to try and fit passes in, specifically at practice, to see what he can get away with. I’d take that over “captain check-down” every day of the week.

There were reportedly a few fights at practice: one involving Javon Kinlaw and Justin Skule, and another between Fred Warner and Raheem Mostert. I wouldn’t read too much into the scuffles at 49ers practice. Your takeaway from this should be the team is tired of practicing against each other and ready to play against someone else. Happens every year after a few weeks of going against the same person every day.

Apparently, Richard Sherman went down after getting stepped on, which caused a big scare. Sherman was fine, and returned with an interception, as noted above. George Kittle was working on the side of practice with an athletic trainer for about 30 minutes, though the team said there are no injury updates. Matt Maiocco said there’s no reason to panic.

Chris Biderman said that Deebo Samuel spent the early portion of practice doing wind sprints close to 100% and looks like he’s moving well. I’d say he’s on track to play at some point in September, if not Week 1.