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49ers begin the next phase of training camp, the “acclimation period”

A look at how the schedule will look for the Niners over the next couple of weeks

NFL: JUL 29 49ers Training Camp Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are officially at 80 players after re-signing DL Alex Barrett on Sunday. I’m curious about what happened with Damontre Moore’s physical/visit, and perhaps John Lynch can speak on that Monday afternoon. Starting Monday, the 49ers begin their “acclimation period” that goes through August 11. The period will include strength and conditioning work, 60-minute walkthrough practices on each of the first four days, and 75-minute walkthroughs on each of the last four days. August 8, Saturday, is a mandatory day off.

Starting on August 12, the next phase of “unpadded practices” will begin, where the players will wear shoulder pads and helmets, but will still practice in shorts. Those practices will take place from Wednesday, August 12, through that Saturday. Then, there is a mandatory day off on August 16. From there, teams must have their rosters down to 80 players, though San Francisco is already at 80.

Starting Monday, August 17, padded practices begin, and teams will be allowed 14 padded practices in total, but no more than three days in a row. Once the padded practices start, the media will be allowed to start watching practices and writing up observations as far as I’m aware. With no preseason games, these practice notes will be more valuable than ever.

On August 3 of last year, we had already had seven training camp practices. Dee Ford had a PRP procedure, signing Tre Boston was still a thing, and Kyle Shanahan was telling people Deebo Samuel wants to run people over.

I think I speak for all of us when I say I miss the game. I’m curious to see how the NFL will do compared to the MLB and the NBA. Baseball seems to be trending in the wrong direction, while basketball seemed to have the right idea with a bubble. Peter King reported that the Saints are creating a mini-bubble environment at a downtown hotel for training camp. About 150 to 180 team employees/players will end up in the hotel through the first week of September. The hotel will not be open for guests. Will other teams, including San Francisco, follow suit?