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49ers could lose over $1 million per game in concessions

For each game where there are no fans in attendance

San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Ellen Blacow of reached out to me with information regarding the potential revenue that NFL teams may lose without fans in stadiums this year, and I thought this might interest San Francisco 49ers fans. I’ll give the keys to Ellen for this article.

  • Every game with no attendance, the 49ers will lose over $1 million in concessions.
  • Zero attendance means losses of $1,027,500 per game, so $2,055,000 for the 49ers’ first two home games, and $8.2 million over the entire season.

I’ve included the below table to illustrate the full potential losses, including a 20% number if they go with a conservative estimate in line with other NFL teams:

Although it’s difficult to estimate how this will affect the entire league, given the specific rules across each state and team, our figures state that the 32 teams stand to lose an estimated $200 million from home fixtures, an average of nearly $25,000,000 a week.

The teams set to have the biggest losses are the newly-christened Washington Football Team. They are set to shed over $1,082,400 per game and subsequently over $8,659,200 across the entire season. For context, the San Francisco 49ers would be the 17th worst off in the league without fans in the stands.

Full Methodology

We sourced the maximum attendance and the cost of concessions at each NFL stadium. Making the assumption that every person could purchase at least one of each item, we worked out the potential takings per game and per season for each team.

Then, using the estimates of reduction from team statements, we subsequently worked out the reduction with 50%, 40%, 20%, and 0% attendance. This allowed us to estimate the potential takings per game and season with the new coronavirus attendance numbers. More details about our methodology can be found here.