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Mostert: In the end, we were able to have communication, and it’s a blessing to be here

Mostert addressed his trade demand Wednesday afternoon

San Francisco 49ers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon to discuss opting-out, trade demands, and much more. Let’s start with Mostert’s deciding factor on why he chose to play this season:

As you mentioned earlier, I’m not going to be opting out, but it was a very long and tough discussion with my wife. Right now, she’s back in Cleveland with the family, my 13-month old son, and we’re expecting a second child at the end of September, so the discussions we’ve had have been long and extensive. She understands the importance of me being out here and being able to provide for the family and all of those good things. We’ve had more positive talks than negatives. We’ve been able to conversate on a day-to-day basis and communicate our feelings. She’s at ease, which is nice with the uncertainty of COVID as well as having the birth of our second boy. It’s been a blessing that we’ve both been on the same page. We’ve both had nights where we cried on each other.

Was there ever a point where you thought you wouldn’t be able to work a deal out with the 49ers?

In the end, we were able to have communication. It’s a blessing to be here. I knew that it was going to be right, regardless of how it played out. I knew at the end that I was going to be a Niner no matter what. It was just moving pieces and trying to figure out what you’re going to do. Not just contract wise but as a business and as family.

It helps a lot when everyone is on the same page. This is a family. We all understand that. You can see what we’ve been through these past three or four years as an organization. Going 6-10, then 4-12, and the Super Bowl last year. That tells you this is a family-based organization, and we all pride ourselves on being a family. What family doesn’t have those problems? I argue with my little brother. I argue with him, but I love him at the same time. We eventually got it fixed, and I’m glad to be here.

What are your expectations now that you’re a starter?

Back when I was talking about being bulky, I wasn’t talking about getting to 220 pounds, it was more about adding muscle mass and endurance. I have to prepare myself because I am the starting running back. My confidence level is up there with the guys that consider themselves to be top backs.

What do you want to prove this season going forward?

I want to go out and be dominant. When I step onto that field, I want everyone to say, ‘that’s a bad mofo,’ ya know? He’s somebody that we can’t take lightly. I want to put fear in other teams’ eyes. That’s my mindset; even when I’m playing gunner, I want people to know that I’m the best special teams player to play this game. Even when I’m playing running back, I want them to know I’m the best running back to play this game. Even though it doesn’t show as far as my career-wise, but I don’t necessarily care about that. I always tell myself once I get that opportunity, I’m never going to hold back. I hold myself to a high standard, and the guys will follow.

Mostert singled out Jalen Hurd for his physicality

Especially with a type of receiver like Jalen. He’s going to go out there and put his all into it, especially what I’ve seen these past couple of years when he’s been healthy. He goes out there and tries to de-cleat somebody. That’s inspiring in itself. He’s going to do his job to the best of his ability, so why not do the same as a runner? It’s nice to see those guys out there, especially Jalen because he’s a bigger receiver, and he’s probably the most physical receiver I’ve seen tape-wise and even going out there practicing. It’s nice to see him back.