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Williams: I can’t say enough good things about this team

The 49ers new left tackle spoke highly of his new team on Thursday

Washington Redskins clean lockers Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

New San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams spoke to the media Thursday afternoon and said that the return had been “nerve-wracking.” Williams said that he missed the bonds and friendships that come with being on and around a team. He didn’t get to experience those relationships last year with Washington as Williams wasn’t active all season.

On Bosa, and the challenge he presents at practice:

He’s going to be a pivotal tool for me to use to knock the rust off. He’s probably one of the biggest challenges that I’ll face all year. He’s one of the top four or five rushers in the game. To get that work and be able to have that every day, and we can kind of bounce ideas off each other and talk each other through it. I think it’s going to work out as best-case for me, and I hope he gains just as much as I do from it.

On if Williams was close to opting out:

To be honest, I ain’t even give it a thought. I didn’t play last year. If I don’t play this year, it’s going to be by force, not by option. I have nothing against guys who opt-out. Everyone has their own situation to think through and work out, but it wasn’t an option for me.

Can you sense some sort of energy or fire on the team?

Oh, most certainly. Walkthrough, he [Raheem Mostert] said it was a run-through, I said it was a game. Coming where I come from, a walkthrough was a walkthrough. Our walkthrough here is pretty intense—a lot of focus and a lot of attention to detail. Guys are flying around. You can tell this is a hungry group of guys, and I feel like I fit right in.

Have you noticed a winning culture in the locker room?

Soon as you walk in this building, the vibe is different. My first team meeting, before it even started, I could feel the vibe. There’s an environment here that Kyle has created that John has created. They’ve done an outstanding job. They have a bunch of like-minded fellas in the locker room. Everyone feeds off each other and encourages each other. It’s one of those things you have to experience to believe.

What did you share with Shanahan about Jordan Reed and how Kyle has evolved as a play-caller since you last played for him?

Kyle drafted Jordan, so I didn’t have to talk him into how good of a player he was. I think that’s proven. That’s well-documented. I just gave him a little insight because Jordan is one of my closest friends to how he was feeling and where his mental state was and if they were comfortable with that to pull the trigger. I think he’s going to make this team that much better.

From what I’ve noticed, Kyle has always been a mastermind as far as schemes and knowing where the weaknesess are in the defense. Obviously, he’s been to two Super Bowls since we’ve last been together. That could speak louder than any words that I could say.

What’s your biggest challenge personally with coming back, and one player on the roster that you’re most looking forward to seeing early on?

For me, I think the nerves is the biggest part. I’ve been playing this game my entire life. I don’t think I’d forget how to do it in a year. It’s the nerves and just settling down the excitement. Calming myself down, taking a deep breath, and not spending myself on the first few plays because I’m excited to be out there.

As far as who I’m most looking forward to seeing, I’m looking forward to seeing Jet. After two years, with the way he’s looked in the offseason, I can’t fathom him not being a breakout player. Obviously, going to see George up close is going to be exciting.

Seeing that defense, man. Seeing those three linebackers we have and how they fly around—seeing how well the DBs communicate—seeing how freakish the defensive line is. It feels like college again when we had three or four of the top picks; I haven’t had that feeling since then.

What are your initial impressions of Jimmy Garoppolo?

The player that he is is well-documented. As a person, he’s one of the most down to earth guys you’ll meet. To be one of the hottest things walking around this Bay Area, he’s laid back, welcoming guy. I can’t wait to get this thing started. It’s going to be a blast. I can’t say enough good things about this team.