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The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced changes in its selection process

Anything to get Uncle Rog in

1989 NFC Championship Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

On Friday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that they made changes to their selection process. Starting next year through 2024, the selection process will always include one coach finalist to go along with one senior and one contributor in addition to the 15 regular finalists. Before this change, coaches were lumped with the finalists. This bodes well for the Don Coryell’s and Tom Flore’s of the world. I’m not sure how much the change will benefit former San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig, but it can’t hurt.

There won’t be a change in the number of finalists considered. That number will remain at 18, while the maximum number of new Hall of Famers selected will remain at eight. The final change the Hall of Fame announced was to the selection committee. ESPN’s Lisa Salters and Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian will be on the selection committee. Those two will replace sportswriters Ira Miller and Vito Stellino, who are leaving the committee.