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Raheem Mostert will be away from the team next week for the birth of his son

Mostert won’t miss Week 3, and plans to dedicate the Giants’ game to his son.

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert was on KNBR Wednesday morning and said he’d be in Cleveland next week for the delivery of his second son. Mostert mentioned how he just received word from 49ers officials on how the team would allow him to leave the team to join his wife Devon at the hospital. Mostert and his family live in Ohio. Earlier this summer, Mostert said he had a “long and tough discussion” with his wife about the potential of opting-out, knowing their song was on the way. Ultimately, Mostert decided playing this season was in the best interest of his family.

Mostert won’t miss Week 3’s game against the New York Giants. Mostert explained the process of the 49ers making an exception:

“Before their protocol was only one person was allowed to be in the room while my wife was giving birth – or anyone is giving birth. They made the exception for me because I’m taking these (daily) COVID tests and doing everything I can try to be back with my family. It’s going to be more appealing to play the following Sunday against the Giants and dedicate that game to my son.”

Mostert explained how the doctor caring for his wife told the two that the pregnancy would not go past Thursday, September 24. Mostert said the birth of his son would happen sometime between the New York games.

The 49ers will stay at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. They’ll practice at that location during the team’s preparation for the Week 3 matchup against the Giants.

How was Mostert able to pull this off? Well, thank the Cleveland Browns, who are allowing Mostert to get a COVID test at their facility before Mostert joins his wife. The hospital is roughly 20 minutes from Browns headquarters. Props to the Browns for allowing Mostert to make this happen, and the 49ers staff for excusing Mostert. Family is so much more important than football, and, based on the interview, Mostert was grateful that all parties came through for him.