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Golden Nuggets: The 49ers are well-represented for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of ‘21

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for September 17, 2020

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Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers

I thought Tuesday was busy, but on Wednesday the San Francisco 49ers made roughly 682 transactions.

49ers well-represented among 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees

The list of modern-era nominees will be reduced to 25 semifinalists in November. Then, 15 finalists will be selected in January.

The selection committee is scheduled to meet Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021 in Tampa, Florida, to elect the Class of 2021. There is no set number for any class of enshrinees, but the selection process by-laws mandate from four to eight new members will be selected. The list also includes these other former 49ers: Quarterback Jeff Garcia, running back Ricky Watters, tight end Brent Jones, defensive lineman Justin Smith, linebackers Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes, defensive backs Merton Hanks and Tim McDonald, kicker Gary Anderson and punter Reggie Roby.

Richard Sherman’s IR placement will be costly

First, it wipes out his ability to earn a $1 million incentive for participating in at least 90 percent of the team’s defensive snaps.

Second, he’ll lose $62,500 for each game he doesn’t play, due to per-game roster bonuses that total $1 million.

Third, a $1 million incentive for making the Pro Bowl team and a $2 million incentive for being named first- or second-team All-Pro.

5 Reasons Why It’s Too Early for the San Francisco 49ers to Panic

With no preseason and several new pieces in the starting lineup, San Francisco faced more challenges than just the Cardinals on Sunday. A lack of established chemistry likely contributed to the team’s mistakes and mental lapses—including five penalties for 53 yards and a blocked punt—and as we’ve seen in the past, sloppy football can doom even the most talented of teams.

For example, San Francisco was just 2-of-11 on third down and 0-of-2 on fourth down. It’s hard to expect that sort of inefficiency as the 49ers round into midseason form.

On Sunday, the 49ers were much closer to preseason form.

49ers Make Stadium Rent Payments To Santa Clara Officials

The San Francisco 49ers made two rent payments Tuesday for Levi’s Stadium to the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, a payment for September that was past due and the subject of a dispute, and a second for October.

“I am pleased that the Stadium Authority’s decisive action resulted in the 49ers paying rent for their use of Levi’s Stadium and not

putting these costs on taxpayers,” Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor, the Stadium Authority board chair, said in a statement. “In the future, I hope the Stadium Authority Board can avoid having to take such action in order for the 49ers to follow the stadium’s lease provisions.”

The city said that the team is required to pay annual facility rent of $24,762,000 facility rent in monthly installments to the Santa Clara Stadium Authority.

“The facility rent is a primary source of funds to repay the public debt that the Stadium Authority incurred to build the stadium for the 49ers,” the city said in its announcement.

The past due payment came a week after the City of Santa Clara’s stadium authority board unanimously approved pursuing at least $2.7 million in unpaid rent for Levi’s Stadium.

‘Is he any good?’ An oral history of Frank Gore’s doubt-busting rookie season

McCloughan: Frank was miserable the whole time because of Barlow. I said, “Frank, I know that. Barlow’s our highest-paid offensive weapon, OK?” And Barlow was a pretty damn good player, too. I said, “Frank, you’ve got to wait. You’re a third-round pick.” He said, “I’m a first-round pick. You know it.” I said, “Yeah … but you’re a third. You’ve got to wait your time. The position coach loves you. The coordinator’s starting to love you.” He was frustrated.

‘One of the best running backs to ever to play’: Kyle Shanahan, Fred Warner, Jerick McKinnon praise Frank Gore ahead of 49ers-Jets

“He’s been playing for such a long time at such a high level,” Warner said. “It’s extremely impressive. It will be an honor to go against him this week. He’s still got it. He’s going to get downhill and be a tough, physical runner. So we’re going to have to make sure we’re getting all 11 to the football, as usual, and make sure we’re gang-tackling.”

“I’ve seen clips of Frank Gore. His one-cut ability is just amazing,” McKinnon told reporters. “He puts that foot in the ground, and he explodes. The thing that obviously sticks out with him? He’s a future Hall of Famer, but just his consistency over the years. Year after year after year after year, he comes in there, he does the same thing. He proves himself. He gets the job done.”