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Five questions on the 49ers/Jets matchup: Becton vs. Bosa will be a top-flight matchup

Previewing today’s game with Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News

NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After helping us out on Saturday with some quotes from the Jets coaches, Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News joins us against to answer five questions for the 49ers and Jets matchup.

The Jet offense struggled during Week 1 and will be without Jamison Crowder, who led the team in targets last game. What are some realistic expectations for that offense this Sunday?

Ha. I know the 49ers have some injuries at cornerback, but realistically they should have no problem stopping the Jets offense. I’m personally still a believer in Sam Darnold, but he’s not playing well enough right now to overcome his lack of skill talent. Le’Veon Bell, Denzel Mims, and Jamison Crowder being out is a massive blow to a Jets offense that wasn’t exactly overflowing with talent to start with. If the Jets are able to score two touchdowns, I think they should feel good about that.

The Jets defense made Josh Allen look closer to Jim Kelly than a second-year QB. Is this a secondary that Jimmy Garoppolo can bounceback against?

I think this is a secondary that Jimmy G can take advantage of, but I also don’t think they’re as bad as they showed last week. Marcus Maye shined in his first game in Jamal Adams’s new role, and Bless Austin is developing into a legitimate starting cornerback. I think most of their issues last week came with failing to tackle Josh Allen in space, which won’t be as big of an issue with Jimmy G.

How did the Jets first-rounder Mehki Becton look? He came in with a lot of hype and figures to go against Nick Bosa this week?

Mekhi Becton was the lone true bright spot for the Jets offense on Sunday. I thought he looked absolutely awesome and MUCH improved over his training camp performances. The game is quickly slowing down for him, and obviously, the physical traits let him dominate anyone. I was a bit skeptical about Becton’s initial transition into the league, but he was great against a tough Bills defensive line. He’s one of those guys where you can see edge defenders quit on their rush early when he anchors down. He’s mean, he’s nasty. I think he’ll hold his own against Bosa without completely shutting him down. That’s a five-star matchup.

If you had to compare the difference between a Shanahan-led offense and a Gase-led offense, what analogy would you come up with?

If Shanahan is a gourmet burger, Gase is the gas station burger you get when you’ve drunk too much and bummed too many cigarettes off that older woman at the bar.

What is your score prediction for today?

My score is 27-6 49ers. Kyle Shanahan makes the biggest difference.