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George Kittle on 49ers injuries, Nick Mullens and the Budda Baker hit

The superstar tight end is recovering nicely after injuring his knee in Week 1.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle missed last week’s game against the New York Jets. The 26-year-old is dealing with a sprained MCL and a bone bruise, but has a chance to suit up for this Sunday’s matchup against the New York Giants.

Kittle saw several of his teammates get hurt against the Jets, and numerous 49ers players spoke out about the quality of the turf. The tight end isn’t allowing the field surface to get into his head.

“I’m just feel better every single day, so that’s awesome. Just being able to go out there and play football again a little bit and great. I wasn’t at the Jets game. I didn’t feel the field, I really don’t know about it,” Kittle said. “I know we’re unlucky with some injuries and stuff. But no, it’s turf field and it is what it is. I gotta go play football. So not really concerned because I haven’t played on it yet.”

Kittle wasn’t at MetLife stadium, but felt the loss of his brothers while watching the game on TV.

“I was actually doing some rehab when I was watching the game. I watched the first quarter and then I saw two injuries and I went outside did my workout,” he said. “I just thought I was bad luck watching the game on TV.”

One of his teammates that left the game early was quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who will be out this week against the Giants with a high ankle sprain. Kittle is confident that his close friend, Nick Mullens, will be up to the task as the starter.

“Same old Nick that I saw in 2018, he’s locked in. He’s got the game plan down, he’s got a rocket for an arm slinging it. He’s confident,” Kittle said. “He’s just excited to get the opportunity to play. I know he’s going to take advantage of that situation because that dude loves football and he’s going to give it his all so we’re definitely in good hands and Jimmy can’t go.”

Kittle’s injury came in the Niners’ season-opener versus the Arizona Cardinals when Budda Baker hit him right in the knees after he caught a screen pass from Garoppolo. Some people questioned if the hit was too low, but the tight end says it’s just a part of the game.

“I actually talked to him Sunday after the game and Monday, really the whole week and it’s football. He’s gonna hit me low, it’s football. It’s a hit,” Kittle said. “There was no intent in it. He’s just trying to tackle me bring it down. He was first person that asked if I was okay. I mean, he apologized for the hit.”

San Francisco needs Kittle back in the lineup sooner than later. The good news is that the superstar should be back on the field within the next two weeks.