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Afternoon thread: We hope you lose, Seahawks

There are a handful of late games, today

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Sundays are a lot better when the 49ers win convincingly and don’t lose half their team to injury. More good news happened for the Niners today as the Rams lost to the Bills. The Eagles, San Francisco’s opponent next week, are currently in overtime against the Bengals. Carson Wentz looks lost, and the 49ers should be heavy favorites in that game.

The Jets are on the road to face the Colts. Sam Darnold has already thrown a pick-six in that game. The Chargers are hosting the Panthers, and Tampa Bay is on the road face Denver.

The two NFC West games going on are the Lions and the Cardinals. I don’t have much faith in a lifeless Detroit team. The second matchup is going to be the marquee one as the Cowboys face the Seahawks. That game should feature a ton of points and should be entertaining. Hopefully, the Cowboys defense is up to the task. Their offense shouldn’t have any problems scoring.