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What are reasonable expectations for the 49ers going forward?

Niner Nate tries to answer that question with KNBR’s John Lund

San Francisco 49ers v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 49ers’ season is only three weeks old and it has already been full of more twists and turns than a carnival crazy straw.

After Week 1, we worried about the D and Kittle’s knee. After Week 2 we worried about everyone’s knee. After a dominating win in Week 3 with backups at virtually every position on offense, fans are cautiously optimistic that the 49ers can weather the storm.

Now that they hopefully have sustained all the major injuries they’re going to suffer this season, and after the backups appeared more than capable on the field, what should fans expect from this team with roughly 75% of the schedule still remaining?

Niner Nate tackled that exact subject with John Lund of KNBR on this week’s podcast.

“I think the Niners are going to win the NFC West despite the injuries. I think Seattle has a fatal flaw with their pass rush,” Lund said, “In the NFC, if you said, ‘who is the Super Bowl contender,’ there’s probably six teams that are and you wouldn’t be shocked. I still think the 49ers, when healthy, are at the top of the heap, though.”

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