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Gold Standard: 49ers prop bets edition!

What do the sharps think of the team this year?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Super Bowl Press Conference Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

With a Super Bowl loss in February and months of quarantine, this offseason has felt longer than any in recent memory. Even though life is far from returning to normal, the start of the season is just a week away, and it’s nice to have something so beloved and familiar on the horizon.

Speaking of beloved and familiar, no start to the season is complete without prop bets. On this week’s episode, Levin and I take a deep dive into both the team and player props from DraftKings.

Whether it’s Jimmy Garoppolo’s passing yards or Nick Bosa’s sack total, we jump elbow-deep into what people a lot smarter than us think about the 2020 edition of the 49ers.

Plus, we want your help coming up with the stakes for bet that we made in this episode. I suggested the loser having to eat a ghost pepper on camera, but I couldn’t get Levin to commit. What do you think we should do?